21 April 2014

Med School Update: Surgery

Yeah, that's a pig's foot.
This is one of the rotations where being an anatomy tutor and putting in the extra work before med school in ISAC came in handy for Scott. Surgeons are known for "pimping" (asking ridiculously difficult questions, on the spot) students on anatomy during procedures. Most students are intimidated by this. Scott was actually intimidated too, at first. Once he got in the operating room though, he found that he wanted the physicians to ask more questions to challenge him. He liked it enough that he contemplated a general surgery residency. He thrived in OR where knowing your anatomy is possibly your greatest asset. He also enjoyed participating in procedures. His love of surgery was diminished by the hours kept by surgeons and their frequent on-call status.

Scott participated in colonoscopies, a thyroidectomy, bowel resections of Crohn's Disease (um hmm), appendectomies, a circumcision for an 80 year old (um hmm)... the list goes on. He had one surgery day where they operated all day and he didn't get home until after 11:30 Pm! Don't feel bad for him, though. He also had short days on Fridays and got to come home early for weekend football... um, I mean to see me.

Scott swapped his time between the operating room and working with his preceptor in the clinic. I always imagine the tv show, House, when he would describe those afternoons.When he came home for the weekends, he would bring home surgery homework... suturing.

During conference weekend, I came home from work to find a pigs foot on my coffee table. "It's okay, honey," Scott tried to console me. "It's for science." He cut and sewed that pigs foot all weekend long, at which time I made him take it out in the trash.