22 May 2013

Soy Vay House Party

The med students are studying intently for boards and planning their get away from Lebanon, so of course a party was in order and lucky for us Soy Vay was willing to sponsor it! We  had applied for the Soy Vay House Party for this very purpose!

Scott and I prepared chicken kabobs and drumsticks marinated in Soy Vay's Veri Veri Teriyaki. HouseParty and Soy Vay had sent us one large and one small bottle of it, which is lucky because the only other flavor I found in Lebanon was Wasabe Teriyaki and I didn't think that would go over well with the children.

And there were LOTS of kids. We had 34 of our close medical school friends come over for the BBQ. I was hoping all week long that it would be sunny so we could have the BBQ outside next to the playground. Oregon has had some really lovely weather, which means of course that everyone is talking about how we need the rain and someone in Oregon is likely leading a rain dance. They were successful dancers, because it POURED right in the middle of our BBQ as I was trying to push the children outside of the clubhouse to play.

Soy Vay also sent us a shirt for my BBQer to wear! Here he is talking about board questions with his fellow student doctors. There will come a day, very soon, when I will cringe when hearing another medical school test question.

Do you love how we had the Food Network on during our party? I think it made everyone hungrier.

Soy Vay also sent us all goodie bags to take home with recipe booklets and coupons. OH! And a mini Glad container for all, which is very fitting because my friends here always joke that I somehow fit a whole lunch for Scott into mini tupperware containers. Would you believe that sometimes he eats the same amount as me? It's strange.

I love my med school friends so much and will sure miss them when they are off in rotations! I might have to hang that group picture up in my living room, Photoshop in Morgan, Chase, and Colt, and bring it with me everywhere I go!