31 May 2013

Five Years

I remember waiting inside of the Sacramento Temple five years ago this morning, as a newly married couple, waiting to make a grand entrance to our world of excited family and friends, and one of the ladies volunteering in the temple that day brought me my bouquet. I love that bouquet so much! It smelled glorious and was bright and exotic. As I was enjoying the aroma, another volunteer inside the temple came and took my bouquet away, saying I couldn't have it until I went outside. Oops! Well, I guess I could wait. The flowers were placed gently in a vase near the door.

Next thing I knew, the first volunteer was walking quickly in my direction bringing my ball of pink with her - didn't care what anyone said, she thought I needed to have it! Anything to make a bride happy!

High five to my honey! Somehow it doesn't seem like it has been five years. I feel like I'm barely out of college, nowhere near looking my age, and yet I can't seem to remember what life was like without my husband by my side. Anyone else feel like they should still be planning their wedding reception?