03 May 2013

Med School Update: Closing Out Year 2

Taken at OSU Spring Game
Scott has now completed the last of his course lectures in medical school. A fun milestone to celebrate, though we all know the learning doesn't end here. With these two years of course-work done, the school offers second-year students a month lecture and test free to study for board exams, which will be taken by most students in June. Rotations begin the last week of June. Year three includes rotations set up by the school, including OB/GYN, Surgery, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Psych, OMM, as well as two elective rotations, and one vacation. Year three will be an adventure, the likes we have never seen before. There will be confusion.

Systems reviewed this year:
Endocrine (hormones), Cardiology (heart), Renal (kidney), Pulmonary (lungs), Gastrointestinal (stomach), Reproduction, Dermatology, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Emergency Medicine, Osteopathic Manual Manipulation, Clinical Studies

I would say that Scott spent a majority of the year either on the COMP-NW campus or in our living room sitting on the chaise of our maroon couch, with his laptop streaming past lectures. Scott made it a goal this new year to spend more time volunteering in the community and went a few times to provide service at the local free clinic. His reign as Vice President of the DO 2015 class at COMP-NW has also come to an end. This year has been one final after another, with the last ten days of school this year including eight tests. Now that lectures and exams are over, there will be a week of orientation on campus for board exams and rotations.

Two more years of medical school to go, then on to internship/residency/fellowships.