29 April 2013

Our Home is a Venn Diagram

Scott gave a talk in church yesterday. He was asked to speak on how we can have more Christ-centered homes, based on the talk given by Elder Richard G. Scott in general conference this April. Scott said the first thing he thought of when remembering Elder Scott's talk was his quote on our use of technology. Elder Scott said, "Be wise in how you embrace technology. Mark important scriptures on your device and refer back to them frequently. If you young people would review a verse of scripture as often as some of you send text messages, you could soon have hundreds of passages of scripture memorized."

I was in Medford when this talk was given during general conference. In his Sunday talk, Scott said that when Elder Scott said this, Scott thought to text me "Seriously! Those young people never get off their phones. :) #distracted #whenwilltheylearn LOL"

He didn't send that message, though, before I sent him one that said, "He's talking about you."

That last part is true. I sometimes remind Scott that he needs to disconnect himself.

Scott talked about how some homes are named, like Downton Abbey. He didn't use that example, actually, but he should have. Scott asked the congregation to think about what their homes would be called if the name was a reference to it's function. I said our home would be Venn Diagram, because it is our only common space during medical school.

As Scott was preparing his talk, I suggested to Scott that he read slowly Elder Scott's suggestions for how improve our homes. It was a long list and it would be difficult to understand and apply if Scott read it quickly. Scott said, "Actually, I was thinking I would just read it twice."

Then he started to sing, to the tune of Santa Clause is Coming to Town... "Reading the list. Reading it twice. Gonna find out who's listening or not."

When it came down to it, Scott only read the list once during his talk. I thought he did really well.