11 March 2013

Our New Neighbors

My parents came to visit a couple weekends ago. Just for fun. Have I mentioned that I love that my parents live in the lower 48?!

After we returned from a Lebanon adventure my dad looked out our window, "Look at your new neighbors! When did they move in?"

My dad's only real hobby before moving out of Alaska was whale watching from the comfort of the living room couch. It doesn't surprise me then that he was the first to spot our sheep friends. Actually, Scott had seen them two days prior but failed to mention them to me, and I guess I was too busy keeping a schedule to look out the window and smell the sheep.

That's changed! We are tracking the sheep now. They wander in pattern around our vast backyard pasture each day - starting each morning in view from our back porch, moving then toward the tree parimeter, grazing over near the Lowes distribution center in the afternoon, and settling back behind our building at night.

I was telling some kids at church that we were tracking the sheep and they asked me if I had name them. NAME THEM? It looks like there are more than 50 out there. I can't even tell the difference! The only thing I know about these sheep is that they look much dirtier than the cartoon ones you see in Easter marketing. I may have enough time in the day to figure out which one is the smallest though!