03 December 2012

Grass Roots Books and Music - Corvallis

I won a gift certificate to Grass Roots Books and Music at a campus event this Fall. I will admit that despite the conversations I've had in my MBA classes about the future of books and the fall of local brick-and-mortar book stores, I continue to shop online and hadn't bothered to investigate of Grass Roots previously. I wasn't sure if I would even be able to find anything in this small Corvallis shop inventory that I wanted.

Boy was I wrong! While this downtown bookstore had little space, they filled it to the max with a fantastic selection. I was searching for children's books for my nieces Christmas gifts. They had many lovely books that I was considering, but in-store did not have the exact books I had in mind. I checked out their online inventory access and found so many options and at decent prices! AND my book purchases were shipped for free to the store for pick-up in only a couple of days! Marvelous!

I'm all about supporting local, and I would be especially sad to see brick-and-mortar bookstores extinct! So take this as my official seal of approval for Grass Roots Books and Music. Fantastic service, excellent inventory, quick shipping if needed, and lovely atmosphere!