21 December 2012

A Christmas Miracle

After my car accident in August, I had to cancel a summer trip to Utah to visit my best friend, Maura. It was sad to cancel, but rescheduling turned out to be better than I expected! I was able to visit Maura and her family this month with all the holiday festivities! I even got to enjoy the white Christmas feel with some snowfall after I arrived! This rescheduled trip turned out to be so wonderful!

I  had amazing one-on-one time with Maura and her son Crew, who quickly became unshy and was so cute to include me in all his games of "playing guys!" Maura, Crew, and I visited temple square in SLC to see the beautiful Christmas lights and manger scenes from all over the world.

I also visited with my Bukey family and my good friend Jandee and her boys! The whole trip was the best birthday and Christmas present a girl could ask for! Now if only we could find a way to spend more time in Utah with some of our favorite people!