15 June 2012

End of Year YW YM Carnival

Our ward was in charge of an activity this month for the three wards that meet at our chapel in Lebanon. We do these tri-ward activities whenever there is a fifth Wednesday in the calendar and each ward takes a turn planning the event.  Our youth decided, after I received some inspiration from Grease, that we would host an end-of-the-school-year carnival for all of the Young Men and Young Women.

Each ward was asked to host two booths, one by the Young Men leaders and one by the Young Women leaders. We also had a booth for the Bishopric members to get to know their youth a little better and vice versa - Ask the Bishopric! Bishopric members were asked to dress up and be prepared to answer any questions these teenagers may have. We also provided a list of fun questions to choose from.

Other booths included a doughnut eating/fishing game, David and Goliath sling shot, a Hershey's kissing booth, the saltine cracker challenge, face painting, and a photo booth.

It was a blast! Granted, it would have been more fun with a cotton candy machine, but someone told me those cause messes. Dang you whispy, delicious cotton candy!