10 May 2012

Save the Campus - Sitka Fine Arts Camp

When I was five years old, my family moved to Sitka. My dad's then new job at an Indian health hospital took us to this little island in Southeast Alaska. I attended grades 1-12 in the Sitka School District, my graduating class was a total of 89 students, and ever summer (almost) from 6th grade through high school, I attended the Sitka Fine Arts Camp which hosted students from around the Northwest in a couple weeks of art education. Yes, if you didn't know me then, I do have a dramatic side. Growing up, the camp changed locations from summer to summer, but it has recently found a new home at the oldest college campus in Alaska, Sheldon Jackson (known as SJ, to locals).

Sitka Fine Arts Camp is a magical event for teens (and even younger kiddos now) held in a very culturally diverse town. I always felt like Sitka more than supported and encouraged my artistic abilities and cultural awareness. It probably helped that my parents encourage all of our passions, as well.

To the point-

SJ couldn't survive as a small community college and the campus was gifted to the fine arts camp organization to preserve it's historic value and provide the grounds with a purpose. Now the community of Sitka, unsurprisingly unified by this arts education goal, is asking for support in their cause to revitalize this campus.

I am proud to be a product of this inspiring community!

Feel free to pass along this Alaskan story, as the exposure is bound to help the cause.