17 February 2012

Life Lately

+ WOW Group Power class kicked my bootie @ a food drive fitness event. Nice shirt, right?
+ Trying to look like this beaver hat model. Failed a little.
+ My apartment in shambles... we have some flooring, some ceiling, and some siding. Still too early to say when it will be done.
+ You'll never go back to Hot N Ready, when you've tried their deep dish version. SO worth the extra moolah. Living on take-out, lately, which is not flame approved.
Scott looking a bit ghetto (and maybe about to sneeze) at an OSU Women's Rugby game v Stanford. That's right... women! It was an incredible demonstration of womanly strength.
+ Hiron's in Eugene fronts as a pharmacy, but is in reality the biggest gag shop you will ever find. If you're needing a funny story ask Scott about our trip to Romano's in Eugene!
+ Chaos inside, still a beautiful sunrise outside.