30 January 2012

Swedish Twister

Have you ever heard of Swedish Twister? I hadn't before the youth game night a couple weeks ago. Must be something counselors made up at EFY! No plastic color mat required for this game of twister. All you need is a group of people and their feet.

Here's how I understood the rules:
- The first player takes their foot and puts it down touching the foot of the person next to them.
- Then that player picks up the foot that was just touched, and touches THEIR neighbor's foot.
- You keep doing this, all while trying to maintain your balance.
- If you fall or place a hand on the floor, you're out!

I didn't play myself. I just watched from my station at Just Dance 3. Did I mention that I'm kind of in love with that game. It should be my new work out regiment, except that I live in a middle apartment and assume my dancing would be too noisy. I did get to play a few games when the kiddos were more interested in the ping pong, board games, or physical challenges going on in the church gym. One mother came up to me after the game night and said, "My son pointed you out while you were playing Just Dance and said 'See that lady, Mom? She has all the moves!'" Best compliment from a 14 year old, EVER!

All the while Scott was supposed to be studying and instead dominated with the other chaperones in a game (or three) of Blokus.