18 January 2012

Snow Day at OSU

On Monday a message was sent out on Corvallis area Facebook pages that OSU would cancel morning and late evening classes Tuesday due to inclement weather. It had flurried a little on Monday and Tuesday was expected to bring two more inches of snow to the mix.

That's right, two. Portland was slightly worse, - I heard 4+ inches on the news Tuesday morning.

This is how the student newspaper reported the cancellation of classes:

For those who didn't click on the photo, the caption says, "A glimpse of Monday morning's snow before it melted."

Granted, the roads are a bit more hazerdous with any amount of snow in the Corvallis area, because the county doesn't own a snow plow. They really don't do anything on the highways to make them more safe when roads are icey or snowy, though I heard a rumor they might use gravel if the snow piles much more. The thought of gravel seems more hazerdous than the dusting we received. Probably a good time to add comprehensive gravel coverage!