02 December 2011

A Middle Way to Capitalism

I thought about apologizing for overusing OPB as a source for my deep blog posts, but really I think you should be thanking me. This is good stuff! If you aren't listening to National Public Radio or changed the channel when the story about Herman Cain came on, you are missing out, because today All Things Considered ended with a great story on social entrepreneurship in India. The kind of story where I wait in my parking lot for the story to end before getting home for the day. The kind of story that reminds me why I want to study business.

Here's the 30 second run down - There's a hospital in India that is not a for-profit business, nor is it a charity. Surgeons in this hospital perform approximately 300,000 cataract surgeries each year. That's about 15 times more than the average US surgeon! AND half of those surgeries are free. It's worth listening to the story or reading to find out how any hospital can afford to provide services for free without outside intervention. Brings a whole new meaning to healthcare reform!