30 November 2011

Twinkle or Constant

My dad sat me down while I was in Medford for Thanksgiving to explain the ways of Christmas lights. Okay, so maybe I was already sitting on the floor. Maybe I was also testing every single light bulb in three strands to find the culprit of our lighting woes and spurred conversation.

My parents had successfully unpacked boxes and boxes of our Alaskan household and set-up their home to be functional before we arrived. I decided it was my responsibility to help their home have the Christmas spirit; because, let's be honest, after you've finished unpacking several boxes, cleaned the space, and organized all your belongings, you may be referring to your belongings as "stuff" or "junk" and really have no desire to set up a Christmas tree. And yet, it's really a necessary step in post-Thanksgiving digestion.

After debating multi-colored or white lights and twinkle or constant, my dad and I finally decided to use the classic constant white Christmas lights, with a note that optimal lighting consists of constant white with a twinkle overlay.

My parents house is now mostly Christmasified! Glad Scott and I could help, especially since it got Scott in the mood to Christmasify our home without any prodding on my part!