10 October 2011

Raining equals Soup

Having grown up in a rainforest, I am unphased by a little drizzle to even the hardest downpour. In fact, I love rain! I love the sound of rain outside as I'm sitting in my snuggie on the couch. I love the smell of the earth after it's rained. I love how rain makes my garden grow without requiring me to put in any effort. Rain was an almost daily occurance during childhood and is about to be again as the fall season is upon us in Oregon.

I didn't realize that Scott would have a different interpretation of rain. Sacramento doesn't have many rainy days, so when Scott was younger his family would celebrate the weather with bowls of soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Thinking that "we" will probably be craving a lot of soup this winter, I decided to try out these two recipes:

Curried Carrot Soup

Rosemary Bread

I highly recommend both for your next rainy day! Bon appetit!