09 September 2011

Dancing Oaks Nursery - Monmouth

One day at work a VP from the Foundation came up to me cube to tell me he had found my blog. Ah! Sometimes I forget that my blog is traceable, even though I purposefully made it that way to share information. In any case, he recommended a few places he knew in the area that were "blog worthy." One of which was the Dancing Oaks Nursery in Monmouth, Oregon.

We decided to bring our friend's the Nelsons to Monmouth with us for a blogging tour with Burgerville's birthday and nursery visit.  The town of Monmouth is not large at all, but the city limits spread out a bit, which we discovered when driving out to Dancing Oaks. The long roads surrounded by hay fields seemed never ending, and I was sure I was leading my husband to the middle of nowhere for blogging's sake. But finally we found the private road of the nursery and drove up over a mountain and into a hidden valley. Even then, when we arrived at the clearly marked nursery, we felt a bit like we had intruded on someone's home.

Dancing Oaks is a large garden set around a beautiful cabin, which is rented out to guests. It was an adventure even finding where the business part of the "nursery" began. We finally found the store front and were directed to some of the tourist attractions in the garden...

Like the giant leaves (thanks for posing, Chase!)...

and Jurassic Park

It was a beautiful garden, but I would say you'd have to be pretty passionate about plants to drive all the way out to Dancing Oaks. Luckily the Nelson's were there and my husband was feeling adventurous. They made a game of pronouncing the scientific names of plants and commented on how that must have been the inspiration for Harry Potter spells.