07 September 2011

A Burgerville Celebration

Happy 50th Birthday, Burgerville! Back in May, during my first visit to Burgerville, I saw a flyer announcing where and when Burgerville would be holding birthday parties. By coincidence, Scott's birthday will be the same day as the Albany, Oregon Burgerville party and I had had big plans to celebrate both birthdays together. Of course, I realized that was rather selfish of me AND it so happens that Scott will be out of town that day. So change of plans!

I quickly figured out where the next nearest Burgerville was located - Monmouth!

The retro menu with 1961 pricing was not as tasty as we had hoped, especially when we brought friends to introduce to Burgerville. We had fun, all the same! And now we can do something a bit more special than onion rings for Scott on his birthday.