08 August 2011

A True Campus

I've heard that Oregon State University can be quite magical in the fall. A surge of excited incoming students, football season, and leaves changing to match OSU orange may have something to do with that rumor. I recently took a tour of campus and discovered that OSU has the perfect college campus layout. Old brick buildings, classic architecture, gargantuan quads with plenty of grass space for several rounds of hacky sack.

When I walk through the halls of OSU I am reminded of combo sessions at The Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival at the University of Idaho. Walking around the trees and lawns brought back memories of a trip out east with my Dad and walking tour of Dartmouth.

Part of the perfect atmosphere is the prevalence of orange, from shades of  brick to walker apparel. This school definitely wears it's pride! Students, alumni, visitors, and camp attendees alike were all wearing OSU's orange and black. Seeing OSU decorations out of context would make you think that Corvallis' favorite holiday was Halloween. In fact, I myself have mistaken a few ribbon ornaments for forgotten Halloween decorations and was tempted to throw them in the storage.

Of course, in the summer this euphoric collegial feeling is slightly interrupted by screaming (mostly with joy) children participating in summer camps. Though I'm sure OSU's campus is big enough for all of us to enjoy!