10 August 2011

Friends in the Park

A couple weeks ago I went with some friends to the City of Lebanon's Concert in the Park series. Every Tuesday this summer they have performers give us a taste of their work at a local park gazebo .

The city seems to get pretty into it. The park was full of camping chairs and blankets for families to sit on. Around the park were local food carts, farmer booths, and crafters.

The performer happened to be an old acquaintance, Hailey Loren. I was telling my friends that Hailey and I grew up together in Sitka, Alaska. I am a witness of her first solo performance at the Sitka Fine Arts Camp where she received a standing ovation from all. My friends asked me if I was close enough to know any embarrassing childhood moments. I'm afraid we weren't THAT close, but I can still claim some friendship. I wish I could say I knew her better. She is a fantastic artist!

The Brinkerhoffs, including adorable little ones Eva and Elijah

While I know her more as my famous Sitkan buddy, Halie was introduced as the "winner of the John Lennon Songwriting  contest, "Best Vocal Jazz Album" award winner at the 2009 Just Plain Folks Music Awards, and as having just returned from a tour to Hawaii, Japan, and Italy. She will be back performing in Lebanon on September 9 as part of the Roots and Rhythms festival in town. You can listen to a rather windy rendition of one of her concert songs on my vimeo.