29 August 2011

Cutest Garden in the Complex

I warned you that I was trying to have a green thumb this summer. My garden plot has been slowly growing, with new vegetables and taller sprouts. When my parents were in town for Scott's white coat ceremony they helped me build a trellis with inexpensive garage sale finds like fishing line, rebar, and plastic picture frames. My garden is seriously the cutest plot in Cascade Ridge, though surely not the most productive. Still figuring out where plants like to be for optimal light and water. I like to visit my plot and check on my plants. Maybe some day I'll sing to them and see if that helps!

My basil has grown so well that there really isn't any work involved except harvesting it regularly.

I made my own pesto a few weeks ago, and now it seems that I can't cut the basil fast enough. I could be whipping up pesto every other day, which is convenient because pesto is Scott's new favorite thing. In fact, he calls basil, pesto. "Oh, you're going to go cut the pesto." Yeah, hon. Just for you. Scott puts pesto on everything like my dad used to put salsa on every meal!

My newest green thumb quandary: how do you keep seeds when the season's over?