31 August 2011


The best darn cinnamon rolls you could ever consume is what! My good friend Melissa made these rolls like she owned a bakery when we were at BYU-Idaho. They were so delicious and she always had plenty to share.

When I saw on the mutual activity calendar at church that I was in charge of teaching a cinnamon roll class, I was a bit nervous. I don't own a cinnamon roll recipe myself. I don't think I'd even ever made them from scratch! This was an event that had been scheduled by the woman who had my calling just before me. Luckily I knew who to turn to and decided I would still put on the activity.

You wouldn't BELIEVE how easy this recipe is! I expected it to take twice the amount of time, especially for the dough to rise. Nope! Simple. To boot, it made two large pans of large yummy cinnamon rolls! No wonder Mel always had extra. My plan was to test out the recipe before the activity to make sure I could teach it to teenagers. We had SO many rolls from my test run that Scott and I couldn't eat them all! We shared them with all the LDS families in Lebanon that we knew in med school! All of them! The other thing I love about this recipe is it seems very food storage friendly. It uses yeast, regular flour, powdered milk, and potatoe flakes. I would venture a guess that the powdered butter and powdered eggs that come in food storage packets would work well in this recipe too.

I highly recommend you visit Melissa's site for the recipe. She posted it per my request! Thanks, Mel!!