03 June 2011

Visiting Our Neighbor to the North

Almost as soon as we were unpacked, we left Lebanon for a trip to Kennewick, WA to visit Scott's cousins. We had been preparing this trip since we went to Hawaii. Kennewick is so close, only three and a half hours from Portland. As it worked out, we were heading north anyways to drop off our Budget van and give my mom a ride to the Portland airport (no functioning airports near Lebanon) after her trip to help us get settled. We'd also been aching for a couples haircut and we knew that Kyle's beautiful wife Bridget was our go-to-girl! Bridget recently graduated from beauty school and is working at a salon in Kennewick.

When we arrived we found that Kyle and Bridget had an adventurous game plan for our weekend. We had the spa treatment from Bridget, with a round of eyebrow waxing for everyone and hair cuts for Scott and I.

Since Kyle knew about my debut as a high school theater critic, he arranged for us all to see a play at Hanford High in Richland. We ate multiple breakfasts out, including visiting Cavanaugh's Landing, Sharis, and the Food Network featured Spudnut shop.

And of course, we went four-wheeling and played games.
How do you like our new dos?
We had a blast! Thanks, Westovers, for planning such a fun vacation from our move! We were definitely in need of a break!