01 June 2011

Photo Wednesday: Apartment

I know this is what you all have been waiting for! Actually, I know that because I've received texts and phone calls saying, "Send pics of your new place!" So here's a little tour:

This is our living room. We recently purchased new furniture at Lebanon Hometown Furniture on clearance (highly recommend visiting the store). We LOVE our new couch and chair! Made in Oregon, even.

You may notice our walls are a little bare. We discovered after moving all our belongings out of boxes that there's a good chance we left a couple tubs of pictures at Scott's parents house. Oops! Sorry, Martie.

But back to the furniture... I'm particularly found of the sofa chaise, as it has a very tranquil view of the grassy field behind our apartment. Scott likes it because it has a great view of our TV, now installed with cable.

Here's a glance at our kitchen from the dinning room and entry way to the apartment. Amy, my sister in law, once told me that saying the word "cozy" was code for small. I wouldn't go so far as to say that my kitchen is cozy. More like quaint, and in need of a pantry.

As I mentioned before our apartment is L-shaped. So in the above picture you can kind of get an idea for how the dining room turns into the kitchen and kitchen turns into the living room. We're a fan!

Just in case you were wondering, we had zoom for breakfast that morning.

The dining room. We love the bar stools my mom got us at Walmart! (Yes, I can admit that I now shop at Walmart as it is one of my only options here in little Lebanon.) In fact, I think we use the bar stools more than our table and chairs. Definitely no eating allowed on our beautiful furniture, yet.

The guest bathroom, located as you first enter the apartment. We've rented a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment here at Cascade Ridge. It's lovely! Come visit us and you too will enjoy this space.

This is where you glimpse the other half of the apartment, the two bedrooms off the entry way. Unfortunately for you, they are not yet picture worthy.

And here is our shrine to all the family we miss! If you're not on my fridge, then Scott and I don't own a picture of you (or it's in those Sacramento bins). But if you email me, I'll send you my new address and you can be on our wall of fame!