27 April 2011

See Scott Surf

Before we even finalized our tickets for Maui, Scott and I both knew that we wanted this to be a relaxing vacation. We didn't want to do any excursions. We just wanted to lay out by the pool or enjoy the beach, because there is a very good chance we wont get to relax like that for a long while.

The Chandlers, at least Curtis, are not exactly the lounging-type. A vacation to them, is not quite a vacation, without a costly and memorable package of touristy fun. So while we were relaxing by the pool, Scott was tempted into taking surf lessons. He's never surfed before in his life!

It must not have taken too much temptation, though, because Scott ate it up! He loved the surfboard push-ups and the idea that his high school email address "calsurfrider", would actually become a reality. He could NOT stop smiling during the dry run, and any time he got up on the board would throw up a Hang Ten/Call Me sign, and then promptly fall backwards.

Don't worry, Chandlers, I've already made the Christmas video for this momentous occasion!
And yes it is to a Beach Boys song (click on the pic below if you'd like to watch giddy Scott surf).