25 April 2011

I Still Got It!

One day while in Maui we decided we would take a trip to Front Street (like Lincoln Street in Sitka) to do a little shopping. Scott and I had not expected to need any clothes other than swim suits, shorts, and t-shirts while in Hawaii. But as it turned out, if I wanted fish from a nice restaurant we had to find ourselves some FANCY clothes. So Scott shopped for light weight dress pants and I searched around for a skirt.

In the mean time, we enjoyed Front Street. We found some cute t-shirts, went to visit the largest tree on the island which takes up it's own block, and walked enough to feel justified in eating a fantastic burger.

I was in charge of navigating and we had been given a map with locations of the restaurants and shops on Front Street. We were told NOT to go to Cheeseburger in Paradise, located on Front Street, because one shop owner said they are mostly charging you for the view. We decided to eat at Cool Cats Cafe, which was excellent, but hard to find!

The map said it was on a street just off of front street, so we walked Martie (and her boot) up and down that street looking for Cool Cats Cafe. We were starving!

Halfway to where we expected Cool Cats to be, a car drove by and I heard them whistle at us. I knew I hadn't dolled up for the occassion, so I told Scott that his hair growing must be paying off and girls were whistling at him from the car. Scott then confirmed that the car was full of young men, so the whistle must have been for me. How flattering! I still got it! Even in my frumpiness (see above picture, sitting next to tree).

Cool Cats was not where the map depicted, so we headed back to Front Street. (We eventually found it on a the second floor of a Front Street store, which apparently, when placed on a map makes it a street away.) Walking back at the exact same intersection as before, a car drove past and I heard a whistle! Now I knew it was too good to be true! I started looking around for a sign that said, "Whistle at the tourists." Seeing, none I asked Curtis if he had whistled that time on behalf of the car.

"No, but I think they might have," Curtis said, pointing across the street at a pineapple stand. Uh, yeah! I look across the street and there's a cage of talking, whistling parrots!

At least the birds know that I'm "working it" on Front Street.