09 March 2011

Christmas in March

No gifts. No decorations.

It just felt a bit like Christmas this last weekend when all of Scott's siblings were in town!

We celebrated by playing The Bowl Game that our friends The Jones taught us. Goes something like this:

Step 1- Find two medium size bowls (I think it helps if they are different colors)
Step 2- Give everyone six strips of paper and a pen. You'll also need a sand timer.
Step 3- Tell everyone to write a movie title on each strip of paper (so 6 titles)
Step 4- Play three rounds. We do teams - men vs. women.

Round 1- Try to describe as many movie titles as you can (within sand timer limit) to your team without using rhyming words or any words in the title. Discard guessed strips into the second bowl.

Round 2- Now that you've gone through the whole bowl, try to describe the movie titles using ONLY TWO WORDS!

Round 3- Now that you'e gone through the whole bowl of titles twice, SILENTLY act out the movie titles to your team mates.

The Bowl Game + The Chandler Family = hilarious!