28 February 2011

An Impact at Springville Art Museum

Every once and awhile I receive email updates from the Springville Art Museum where I volunteered last winter. Even though we're in California now, I love to see what events the museum is having and what they are doing in the way of non profit marketing. It's even more fun to see that my volunteer work in marketing and grant writing had an impact. Actually, it's more like just marketing, since my grant research efforts were never able to get off the ground. But no loss there - I still get to see the picture I took in all their newsletters!

Here's a little glimpse of upcoming events at the museum. See my picture used for all the musical events at the museum? I'm so proud! The Springville Museum of Art was an awesome place to gain exposure to great art and non profit management.

And while you're thinking about great art, the Utah All-State High School Art Show will be at the museum from February 24th until March 25th, 2011. I am not an artist, so I have great admiration for the works that these high schooler put out each year!