28 January 2011

Kings Court

When we moved to Sacramento in October one of Scott's favorite things to tell people was that a big reason we were moving was because his dad had NBA season tickets to the Sacramento Kings games. It did seal the deal a little bit, I suppose. And since we've arrived Scott has attended almost every game that Big Curt held tickets for!

One of the first games of the season, I was lucky enough to accompany Scott to a Kings game verses the Washington Wizards. While we were sitting in the regular season seats on the second balcony, I kept looking at the Kings game host and thinking, "He looks awfully familiar! What TV show was he in?" I racked my brain, until all of a sudden, third quarter I realized, "That's our wedding DJ!"
wedding pic circa 2008
Armon Newton DJ'd our wedding in 2008. He was AMAZING! Before our wedding he DJ'd Christie's wedding and really got the crowd moving. In fact, when people think of our wedding probably the two biggest compliments I receive are "We LOVE your Thank You postcards!" and "Your DJ was great!" You can't think of Armon without smiling.

So when I saw him on the Kings court I knew I needed to contact him to say hello. Luckily I had his email address from when we sent wedding coordination correspondence. I wrote him a note to say how great it was to see him in his new job and how much we enjoyed him as an entertainer.
Picture taken by Laura Lynne from Armon's portfolio website
And wouldn't you know Armon wrote back! Great guy! Anyway, he said next time we were at a Kings game we should tell him where we were sitting so he could stop by and say hello.
On Tuesday we went to the next Kings game in our season packet. We saw Armon on the big screen announce that the Maloofs needed someone to sit in their courtside seats. "The loudest fans will win them! Is it you?" He questioned as he ran around the arena pointing to fans.

Suddenly he popped up out of our second balcony's entry way. Scott started screaming loudly in a pitch I haven't heard from him... Ever! In fact, he hasn't been able to reach high pitches for awhile because he's had laryngitis. So this was quite the feat! "Armon!!!! Armon!!!! We're here!" As I sat calmly in my seat, my husband shook Armon's hand rapidly. Wouldn't you know!...  the lucky seats chosen at random to sit in the available courtside seats were in our section! Pretty incredible. Four seats and Scott and I were two of the lucky winners! Our section had a lot of wins that night, like taco coupons and boom sticks. But we weren't there to receive them and didn't mind a bit!

As we left our view from the mountain top, Scott grinned and staggered through the hallways. I made him take this picture before he full out sprinted to our new upgraded seats.

I've never seen Scott so giddy. Now I know what present to get him when he's a rich and famous doctor. But not until then, because we upgraded from $18 tickets to $510 tickets! And that was for the Kings v. Bobcats. Can't even imagine what courtside seats run for at the Heat, Bulls, or Celtic arenas.

Of course when we reached the court and Scott could stop jumping long enough to sit in the beautifully padded leather seat, he texted or called everyone he thought would appreciate his new location.

At one point he yelled, "Come on Tyreke!" then turned to me and said, "Do you think I made a difference in his life today?" He was very serious.

I could really go on and on with courtside Scott stories. He keeps saying that it doesn't matter what happens (like if he burns my lunch), because Tuesday was the best day ever! His favorite part - hearing the trash talk between players and refs! We took lots of videos and pictures to prove we were there.