26 January 2011

House Party Sweepstakes

Many of you are probably registered by now with HouseParty.com since my posts about parties last year. We haven't hosted a HouseParty since our DiGiorno Football party last winter, though I've applied and been denied.  Tears for the lost Tombstone Pizza party (by far my favorite frozen brand) and that beautiful bacon party that are past!

Recently I received an email from HouseParty letting me know about a sweepstakes on their site. To enter all you need to do is register or login to your existing account at HouseParty.com/win. Easy enough! Then automatically you can check to see if you've won an iPod, iPad, trips or other fabulous prizes, and six times within the next year there will be a drawing for a large prize! Entries are excepted once a day. The sweepstakes ends December 31, 2011.

Count me in! Scott's hinted at (several times a day) his desire for an iPad. It would definitely be sweet if I could hand him one for free!

I'm not benefiting at all from sharing this news with you, in fact I'm probably ruining my odds at a larger prize. But I try to be nice like that. May the force be with you!