16 November 2010

Med School Update: Second Interview Call

So first of all, Scott's interview went great at Rocky Vista University. He loves the school and really enjoyed sitting in on a manual manipulation class. I already know that Scott's really cut out to be a D.O. because the first thing he wanted to show me when he got on Friday afternoon were the techniques he learned during that one class. When Scott finished his interview on Thursday, RVU said that the group of applicants who interviewed that day were really impressive. He was in the last group to interview during the first cycle of interviews (Fall). This put him at an advantage, because they informed him that decisions would be made on Monday as to whether or not he would be accepted. Yeah! That was yesterday.

So yesterday morning, Scott receives a call from an unknown number and he answers the phone. It wasn't RVU like he was expecting. Western University was calling to offer Scott an interview for their new campus opening in Lebanon, Oregon! We are very excited! This invitation helps Scott feel good about his application and it will offer another perspective of Osteopathic programs! It doesn't hurt either that I feel great about moving to Oregon. Scott will interview at the Oregon campus, that is in the final stages of construction, in early December!!!

Then.... wait for it... he received another unknown call and answered it. This time, it was RVU! Now you only get a call if the answer is really REALLY great! Otherwise they email you. So when he picked up the unknown phone call we were sitting together in the living room, and he put the phone up so I could hear a little bit. I heard enough to know that my husband was offered a spot in Rocky Vista University's class of 2015!!!! I cannot put enough exclamation points there! The wait is over! My husband has been accepted to a medical school!

I definitely did a little victory dance while Scott finished up his phone call. Then every few minutes I like to yell out, "We're going to medical school!"

To seal the deal with RVU, we need to make security deposits to save our spot during the next two months. We do have a little bit of time to consider the decision before the first deposit is due, which will involve some research as the school does not currently offer federal loans to students. So Scott and I need to have a BIG money conversation. :(

I have to say though, it's just so relieving to know that all of Scott's efforts this past year to improve his application have really paid off! No matter where we go, we at least know that next year we'll be in medical school for sure and Scott will one day be a doctor!