10 November 2010

Bowling Birthday

Monday was my nephew Jackson's 4th birthday! All week before we were asking him, "Hey Jackson! Where are we going for your birthday?" and he would jump up and down and say, "Birthday bowling! Birthday bowling!" Amy kept telling me that we HAD to be there because we couldn't miss seeing how excited Jackson got about bowling. She warned that he spends the whole time jumping up and down flapping his arms in front of the lanes. We were not disappointed! In fact, all of Amy's kids enjoyed bowling, and Kaden even enjoyed dancing to the ghetto music blaring over the system.

Not only was Jackson super excited to turn four and celebrate it in the bowling alley, but he beat us all! Granted that was with bumpers and an extra push after his little granny toss was loosely shoved down the lane. He still beat my 92 pin score, and after two games Jackson's and my combined scores of two games were equal. Scott, however, was able to pull it together during the second game to pull out a 166 point addition to his first measly score.

Happy Birthday, Jackson!