15 September 2010

Lazy Planning

Since neither Scott or I are working, we have gotten the opportunity to be pretty lazy. I LOVE it! It's been so long since I could lay around the house not feeling guilty about having something to do or missing work or an event. Plus, it's lovely to stop having dreams about work. When I worked at DecisionWise I couldn't help but dream about surveys and data. Working at BYU only brought strange dreams and post-waking drowsy thoughts of interview schedules. Now I dream about... I don't know, come to think of it.

We haven't been completely lazy though. I am trying to be studious on a weekly basis, adding to discussions in my ethics and marketing classes online, taking quizzes, and reading case studies. We are also preparing for our trip to Costa Rica!! SO excited... at least I am. I've been waiting for the day when Scott will realize that this is his FIRST international trip and that it will be freaking amazing, whether we are drenched from rain or not.

Since the middle of the summer, I've wanted to plan this trip. Cross Cultural Solutions is the organization that guided my mom and I through Arusha, Tanzania in 2004. I volutneered teaching English and my mom volunteered in a nurse capacity at an orphanage. It was an amazing three weeks of attempting to find my chi in a new and very different culture. This year, CCS is having an alumni challenge, inviting alumni to volunteer again or give in another capacity, and invite new friends as well. Since Scott and I didn't even know each other in 2004, he counts as a new friend. We both are going to Costa Rica for the price of one person, and we will be there two weeks!

Our program manager from CCS emailed us yesterday to let us know where the in-country staff has assigned us for our volunteer placement. There are several difference placements in the area for healthcare, care giving, or teaching that the in-country staff can choose from. The staff reviewed our profiles and decided based on our skill sets that Scott will be volunteering with HIV/AIDS patients and I will be volunteering helping the music teacher at a special education school.

Today was  the first day that I witnessed Scott describe our upcoming expedition to someone else. His cousin Josh had come over to drop off a soda (lost a bet), and Scott told him about how we'd be leaving on Sunday. FINALLY I could tell that Scott was excited, but it will only get better.

We will make sure to take lots of pictures, don't you worry.

In the meantime, we are packing, playing USA Today Crosswords, and playing with our landlords new kitties. Sorry, Tigger! Scott found a younger model.

I thought I was taking a picture, which is why the movie is so short.