02 August 2010

Custom Birthday Sets

Every morning when I get to work I take a few minutes to puruse my blog roll. I follow a variety of blogs covering food, photography, crafts, design, and of course the first ones I look for are updates on family and friends.

Today as I read my blog news, I found two giveaways for the Silhouette die cut printer (here and here). I've been paying a lot of attention to these products lately. I also went to one of my favorite blogs, Marta Writes, to hear about what she's a fan of lately. Somehow if my search and connecting to links, I stumbled across this uber cute graphic design lady, Heather. She has a etsy shop and blog. Inspiration! Not that I could ever do what she does and on that scale, but I might do things like this for my kids birthday parties. I spent all morning pining over her designs and trying to figure out how to be as cool as her.

You have to check Chickabug out!

Party themes { www.chickabug.com/themes }
Products & pricing { www.chickabug.com/chart }
BLOG! Photos, party ideas and more { www.chickabug.com/blog }

P.S. I forgot to mention that one thing I love about Chickabug blog is that she looks around etsy for things that would look great with your themed party. LOVE it!