03 August 2010

The Curse of the Jersey

The Scared Hitless softball team, of the Sandy City Leagues, had their last game last night at 9:00 Pm. The team's record was not the best, possibly due to an unforeseen curse from their team name.

I was trying to think of other team names that might be better for next year, but Goldman Sachs or BYU names might have similar outcomes. My best idea for a next year's team name, so far, is Home Star Runners. If you replace the word Star with the symbol, I feel like the curse of Scared Hitless may be lifted?

Though there were few wins (an overstatement), you couldn't tell by watching the team. They had fun together, and they made some great plays too. I LOVED going to watch Scott play because it always felt so much like summer to be sitting on field bleachers eating cherries and talking with my bestie, Maura. I will miss Monday night softball!