19 December 2009

Hillbilly Christmas

You would think that in this economy my BYU department would not be having multiple Christmas parties... but oh, yes! We did. There was one party at the beginning of the week with light refreshments for people to mingle during work hours, one party with a fancy catered dinner for current employees and retirees and spouses where people get all dressed up in fancy sparkly things, and one lunch party with a "Hillbilly" theme. How in the world do you throw a Hillbilly Christmas party?

Let me tell you, the people of BYU Counseling and Career Center know how it's done. There was a backyard gift exchange, grub...
... a watering hole, and a wall with pictures to demonstrate "You know you're a redneck if...". Prizes were given for the worst wrapping job, so I made an attempt. Of course, I have almost zero ounces of redneck inside of me (more like 50% Alaskan relaxin'). So my present turned out more like Redneck chique, but I still won second place.
Your holiday meal on wheels (aka roadkill and a part of my white elephant gift to give)
I lost to the gift wrapped in a trash bag and bandaids for tape.
Jason picked my duct taped gift and was unsuccessful in trading it. Mwwaahaha!

We ate Hawaiian haystacks and had our White Elephant gift exchange complete with Rock, Paper, Scissors challenges. I had heard rumors that the psychologists in our department could get a little risqué with this part of the event; but the only scandals I noticed were in the intern skit, and that could be ignored. Overall the Hillbilly Christmas was creative, enjoyable, and I'm walking away with an interesting gift - someone's left over law fair swag. Gotta love my job for the swag!

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