21 June 2009

To My Father

There may be some who don't know Terry Cavanaugh very well, or have been intimidated by his quite nature. As an ode to my dad this Father's Day, I have listed my top 10 favorite things I love about him. Read and enjoy!

10. My dad and I share a great love for food, especially free food! He always finds fun food deals, and his favorite place to eat is the Coast Guard cafeteria buffet (soft serve ice cream days are the best!). Dad and I can always have a good conversation about food!
9. He is a guidance counselor extraordinaire! He helps you think through, and has advice for, any major and all careers. And he knows his stuff.
8. My dad is one of the funniest people I know. He has a somewhat dry, witty sense of humor. I can always count on him for a good laugh.
7. My dad is very supportive and has always encouraged me to do great things. While at times he had to convince me that a B grade was okay, he also told me that I could do whatever I wanted. I remember after piano recitals or music concerts I would be harsh on my own performance, but my dad would always be waiting after the performance to tell me that I was perfect! I was always "the princess" in dad's eyes.
6. He also has great health advice. As a physical therapist, he knows anatomy really well. He also knows hospitals really well. He's been called to Washington, D.C. before to give the government health advice. He is a smart cookie! He can also do this thing with his hands and static electricity to heal headaches. Weird science!
5. My dad taught me to be really frugal. We were told to watch the grocery ads for foods we wanted each week, and he would celebrate with me when i found a cute outfit on clearance.
4.Even though my dad is frugal, he also taught me to be giving. He gives of his time and resources to help others, especially family. And he loves to give good gifts! My father is very generous!
3. My dad could easily pull of a stint as my bodyguard or CIA agent, with his sly aviator glasses,dark suit, and multi-purpose watch.

(caption: I've got a 20 on the perp and we're moving 'the eagle' to section 24)

2. Dad is an expert wildlife watcher. Every day after eating at coast guard, you can find my dad sitting on the couch in our second floor living room watching the waves for whales and sea lions. In fact, he is now taking a class that would certify him as a wildlife tour guide.

1. My dad is the world's greatest dad! He taught me a lot through his character and helped to raise me to be the amazing woman I am today! And that says A LOT.

Happy Fathers Day!