24 June 2009

The Summer Work Blues

I thought that work had ended,
packed my things again,
but then I noticed the clock, it said
it's ONLY 3:00 PM.

And that's the BLUES! The Summer's here and I'm at work blluuees.

Yes, that's right. I'm so bored and tired at work that I had to distract myself for a good five minutes making up that one verse to the next Elvis song. I have the workplace summer blues. There is beautiful weather outside, families are going on vacation, work is slow, and I'm stuck inside. Let's just say, 2:00 PM rolls around and I am more than ready for a nap. I'm trying to think of new ways to keep myself awake- What excuse can I make up to take a walk?, What snack has the vitamins and nutrients needed to supply my body with three more hours of lasting energy?, What does WebMD say about adult onset of ADHD?

I actually have been concerned lately that I am exhibiting behaviors more and more like the millennial generation. It seems like my one year mark rolls around in my job and I'm anxious to find a new challenge. Of course, there are external factors. My one year mark tends to pop-up in the summer when everyone is out having fun. No employers are coming on campus during the summer, so my job isn't nearly as exciting as it will be in two months. And I'm pretty sure educational/semester habits have trained me to need a vacation every three months.

I'm bringing chocolate to work tomorrow. I've already tried fruit and celery, even adding peanut butter as a protein boost. No help. Pure sugar just gives you a 30 second high and a two hour nap. Chocolate has to be the next experimental option! AND if you need me to do some internet research for you, post a comment. That's how I keep myself entertained in the dull moments of 8 - 5.