08 December 2008

Hair DO and Hair Dont's

So recently I felt the need for a cut and color. I went to the Paul Mitchell beauty school here in Provo and they squared-off my cut and put in some dark brown and red low lights.
This picture doesn't quite give my new do justice, but let's just say it adds some spice to my hair.
Scott's hair had been getting pretty long before the Thanksgiving holiday. He likes to have hair growing competitions with his older bro, Steve, and also he likes to get a reaction from family on how disgusting his hair can get. Once that happens, he can get it cut.

Well this time, as I was preparing to go to Paul Mitchell, Scott asked if they would be able to braid or perm his hair. And they probably could...
...Except that his cousin beat them to it. Mindy overheard a conversation about braiding Scott's hair and said, "I can do cornrows in your hair. It seems long enough, and I've done it for friends many times before."
Scott was all over that! Considering the reaction he could induce from his mother and the possibility of "looking like" Randy Moss (despite the fact that Scott's not even close to ethnic) for the Turkey Bowl game, there really wasn't an option of NOT braiding.
So the day before his family came into town, Mindy braided Scott's hair into cornrows. All I have to say is DISGUSTING. Funny, but disgusting. And let me tell you, that's a lot kinder than the comments Martie had for Scott when she saw his hair!