01 August 2008

The Network is Trying to Tell You Something

I have been sitting at my desk for several hours now with nothing to do but blog. My job at DecisionWise revolves around the computer, so when anything happens with the computer, I might as well go home.

Currently our inhouse network is crashing. (I believe it is that serious.) We have two networks, one that supports our online survey system, and one that supports our inhouse files. The technically supported survey system will work even if there is a major planet-wide catastrophe. People would still be able to go online, through earthquake and fire and tidlewave to give feedback to their managers and organization.

Our internal network has been showing signs of a "mental" breakdown for quite some time. It takes several minutes for Excel or any other Microsoft document to open. Strange noises have been coming from the nearby server room: beeps and loud bzzing and screams! Whether the issue is data overload or lack of technical management, (We have no current IT professional to manage the in house system. Our last guy went to Omniture...) I feel that the thrashing volcano is about to erupt. We have already seen the smoke, and we are now seeing flying debris.

With nothing to productivly work on and plenty of upcoming due dates, all three project managers gathered in a common area to discuss this tragedy and why someone hadn't already told us to go home. "This is because of data overload." "This is a no IT issue." "This is, 'Project managers are expected to work at 100% efficiency with few resources." The conversation reminded me a whole lot of those Yoplait commercials, but in a different Light.

So I've decided to share one of my favorites, that fits the season SO well.