18 July 2008


My husband, Scott, doesn't know his own strength. On Tuesday of this week he flipped open his cellular phone and watched the top half detach from the bottom, wires and all. This happened while he was at work, so when he came home distraught, his little pout begged for sympathy.

I didn't give him much. "Oh, that's too bad, Pookes! Good thing my contract with T-mobile is up in September," I said. His pout didn't like the idea of several months without cellular connection. His poor phone is like a chicken after its head is chopped off... the bottom half still runs. In fact, at 6:30 a.m. the bottom half of Scott's phone called his sister Christie and left a 20 minute static message.

Then, Scott had a brilliant idea! He could use the Bluetooth he had only used before as an ear accessory to initiate calls from his decapitated phone. The picture to the right demonstrates how one might use said
bottom-half-of-phone/Bluetooth contraption.

Exhibit A:Scott chatting with his sister Christie, for real this time.

Scott is now convinced that decapitated phones are the wave of the future. He told me I should get a Bluetooth for my flip phone, and then asked, "If you have multiple Bluetooth devices, do you call them Blueteeth?" Suuuurrre, Scott!

And now for those who are anxious to see pictures of our semi-decorated apartment, I took the following pictures this evening. Ignore untidiness and focus on our new decorative pieces.

(Left: our cute kitchen table and extra kitchen shelving, Above: Spike in his new home next to our 3 Ls art)

(Left: Our new, big, red, Paris clock and Right: Yes, a picture of our bathroom)

(Left: King-sized guest room which will be cleaner when we have our queen bed in the other room, Right: This image is for Christie. Its coming off the wall when we get wedding pictures.)