30 June 2008

Our First Married Date

My blog is starting to look like one of those baby albums with Baby’s First Step and Baby’s First Word. But really, everything after you’re married is so fun and new as you combine two different lives and styles. New events become a couple's FIRST mArRiEd experience! Moving on...

For my wedding gift to Scott, I gave him two tickets to see a Broadway show in Salt Lake City, a gift certificate for Benihana (which is around the corner from the theatre), and a tie and cologne that I bought in France for my future husband (cute, I know!). The show was at 8:00pm on June 28, which gave us just enough time to return from our wedding and become settled in our apartment to have a Saturday date. So we dressed up (Scott in his blue shirt from Anchor Blue that I ♥, and me in a summery skirt/t-shirt outfit) and headed north from Springville to SLC in the early afternoon.

Our first pre-date stop was to IKEA. Scott and I have been searching for accent furniture pieces for our apartment, and the next item on our list is a bedside table. Of course, we haven’t gotten our other bed yet so it’s not vitally important that we have a bedside table now, but we thought we would look. We walked through the maze of IKEA and couldn’t find any bedside tables we adored, however we did find prep bowls, a pie tin, and Spike! Spike is our new house plant that I’m quite excited about. He has become a great part of our little family as he fits perfectly in our kitchen window.

Finding the maze end, we packed up Spike and other IKEA finds and drove to Sandy for my first ever DSW Shoe trip. Oh the joys of DSW! I mostly wanted to see the infamous store, but ended up walking out with a new pair of comfortable white flats for my date outfit (much better than the flip flops I was wearing). I’m so glad that my husband feels comfortable enough with himself to take me to a shoe warehouse! Of course, he DID pick out more shoes he loved walking around the store than I was able to fall in love with for myself. FYI, he currently wants a pair of casual brown shoes or plain white tennies.

Our reservation for Benihanas was at 5:30pm, which in retrospect was a little early for an 8 o’clock show. I had ideas of the tepanyaki-style dinner lasting much longer and then being able to enter the theater at 7:00pm. However, Benihanas seated us immediately, and we ended up with a private table (normally seats 6), so food service wasn't quite as drawn out. Dinner was fantastic though! We had a sushi appetizer (Spicy Tuna Roll) and chicken and steak for our main course.

Since we had time between dinner and the play, we decided to walk around Temple Square. We walked into the Visitor’s Center to watch a movie about the the 40 year construction of the temple, and we searched for our ancestors a little bit on the center's computer program. We also searched around hoping that the church made Pass-A-Long postcards, since I’ve started this Postcrossing.com program.
Postcrossing starts by having you send a postcard somewhere around the world (it can be a store postcard or homemade, and you can say whatever you would like to the person receiving), and once that postcard is received you will receive a postcard from somewhere else around the world. I thought it would be fun to get real mail in our mailbox instead of just bills - and even better- we could send some church information since it's a Utah postcard and people are probably curious. Unfortunately the church doesn’t make Pass-A-Long postcards. I’ll have to let Church marketing know that postcards would have good ROI.

To end the date, we watched The Drowsy Chaperone at the Capitol Theatre in downtown Salt Lake.

The play features the actor who plays Gilbert Blythe (ladies, you know who I’m talking about) as “Man in Chair.” Yes, that is his listing on the play bill. You never find out too much about Man in Chair, except that one of his favorite musicals of all time is "The Drowsy Chaperone." The synopsis: Man in Chair narrates the musical as you listen to the music on his record player. His apartment becomes alive with scenes and characters from the play-in-a-play. The plot of The Drowsy Chaperone is old school, and the script is quite funny. Scott and I give the performance two thumbs-up!

All-in-all it was quite a fun first married date!