25 June 2008

Breaking Tradition

It appears that I have a problem with posting only one new blog message per month. I certainly have done a not so great job of sharing stories, so I will break tradition today (and hopefully keep breaking it) by telling you a story that happened only this last weekend.

Scott and I drove to Lehi on Saturday to buy the rest of our wedding registry items and use gift cards at Target, Bed Bath and BEYOND, and Kohls. We were in Target looking at pots and pans, when I realized that I needed to use the bathroom. So i decided to risk the bacteria grossness of a Target lu, and left Scott looking around isle 32 for a few minutes.

When I returned, Scott was leaning over the Target cart talking to a high school age girl. Scott works in Lehi at a Physical Therapy office so I thought this must be a patient who recognized Scott in the store. This is the conversation I walked into:

"Oh, is this your girlfriend or sister?" the high school looking girl asked.

"Actually, this is my WIFE." Scott replied.

"Well she's very good looking as well."

Turns out the girl was from TruTalentManagement, a modeling/acting agency in Salt Lake. She told us that we should both consider a career in modeling and took down Scott's phone number on her formulated tracking pad. She tore off our contact information from her TruTalent pad, and stuck it into her purse with at least 20 other papers sticking out (part-time tracting job? I think so.)

Of course, Scott thought the whole thing was hilarious, or maybe that was me. He kept saying, "For 8 years I've wanted to be a male model, and for 8 years people have laughed at me. Well, who's laughing now." (Office Quote)

Too bad I don't still have a copy of the glamour shot my parents got me for my 10th birthday! It would come in handy right now!