30 August 2017

Wisconsin Love: Farm Views

Approaching third year of residency, we realized that this could potentially be the last summer we would be living full-time in Wisconsin. Scott is applying for sports medicine fellowships that following a successful match will unfortunately take us out of state. From there it is always a possibility that we could return, but the current plan to settle out West.

We have LOVED our time in Wisconsin. We believe that it truly was divine intervention that brought us here, when we had only considered programs west of the Mississippi during the residency match process. The residency program has been astounding and exactly what Scott needed, we've made life long friends, and I found the perfect job for me to take with me wherever I go. Not to mention the wonderful adventures and lovely quirks of Wisconsin that we have come to adore.

So as an ode to Wisconsin and to remember the long list of things we've loved here, I will be posting throughout the next year some of the things we will miss most. And if the match doesn't go well and we continue to stay here for awhile, I'll continue to post Wisconsin love... but let's be optimistic for a match, okay?

First on my list of Wisconsin loves, is this view:

Stepping Stone Farms

Red barns, silos, chicken coops, and herds of cows have a surprisingly calming effect on me. It's like I've traveled back to a time of slow days, early morning milkings, walking miles to little a school house, riding horse and buggy, barn raises and square dancing.
Old World Wisconsin Historic Site
It's an image that when seen frequently on the road makes me sigh, relax my shoulders, and take life in stride.