14 July 2017

Life Snapshot: July 14

Oh, you know... just that one time we went to
Erin Hills for the US Open on 6.17.17
Wisconsin Tidbits: If you're looking for a jaunt in nature while in Milwaukee, I would definitely recommend Lapham Peak. The parking fee is minimal (especially if you have a state park annual pass, which we don't), and there are lots of trails with various levels of difficulty. We took a pretty easy trail that went by the butterfly garden and observation tower. It was a beautiful day for a walk and the trail we chose was mostly paved, so it was an easy summer stroll.

What I'm Reading: I've been reading the Anne of Green Gables series this summer, which I thought I had done before. However, as I've been reading through each book in sequence, I realized that in my more twitterpated days I must have only read the books that related to Gilbert courting Anne. *tsk tsk, young Katie. 

Part of My Spiritual Study: This BYU Speech by Eva Witesman was really well researched and worded

On the Telly: Grantchester Season 3 + Minimalism

Favorite Eats: Watermelon - all day, every day. Let it be crunchy and sweet!

Dr. Hubs: DrH is officially in his final year of residency! Although, it's starting off on a rough month. In addition to being "the senior" helping new intern family medicine residents become familiar with the inpatient service at the hospital, he is trying to piece together his sports medicine fellowship application. I'm pretty sure his body is going to take a hit this month from stress and sleep deprivation. 

My favorite moment from this last week: Our very good friends from residency moved into our apartment complex in June, and in the last two months I cannot count the number of times I've thought "why didn't we do this sooner?!" Every couple of days, their young toddler will waddle over to our home, just kitty-corner to theirs, and bang on our door with his full fist. When we open the door and look down, he'll ask if 'Cott can come out and play (he doesn't say S very well). This week, just before I was about to start a work skype call, I heard that tell-tale thumping at our door. When I told the little tyke that I couldn't come out to play for another hour, he said, "An HOUR?!" but finally agreed and waddled back home. I think I will probably look back on this final year of residency as my absolute favorite - partly because I hope to spend more time with DrH this year, but mostly because of our friends living next door. 

Goal for Next Week: Do you ever wish that days were more simple, and that time would just stretch out forever like when you were a kid enjoying summer? Summer is moving by so quickly and I catch myself making it go by so much faster in my mind. I wake up in the mornings with my to do list running through my thoughts and all of a sudden my shoulders get scrunched up and I have a hard time focusing on my morning scripture study. After watching the Minimalism documentary on Netflix this week, I was reminded that meditation has been helpful in the past. So I broke out my Headspace app and am starting up the free basic guided meditation course again. More meditation is the prescription this week. If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears.