28 February 2017

Life Snapshot: February 28

What I'm Reading: I'm slowly making my way through The Orphan Keeper by Camron Wright. It's an interesting read, so I'm not sure why it moves so slowly for me. 

Part of My Spiritual Study: As part of the faith experiments that we challenged our young women to start, we encouraged them to read the Book of Mormon all the way through to decide for themselves if this is a true book with direction from God. There are enough days between now and the end of the year to read a chapter a day, I told them. In an effort to be supportive in this challenge, I am also rereading the Book of Mormon from my iPad.

Church Calling: Still the Young Women's President in my ward

On the Telly:  The finale of Project Runway Junior and, occasionally, an episode of Seyit and Sura on Netflix

Dr. Hubs: Scott just enjoyed a few days off before he starts another Purple Yellow Team (PYT) month. I don't think I've mentioned before that Scott was nominated and selected to be the DO Chief of Wisconsin for 2017-2018! His reign will begin later this summer. 

Goal for Next Week: I'm amending this to share my mantra for this week, which is "Faith, hope and charity." The scriptures say without that combination we can't accomplish much. Scott seems to think I have faith because in the midst of trials I am trying to move forward and look for the solutions available to me. Assuming that charity means demonstrating love, rather than solely a connotation of philanthropy or service, I may need to find opportunities to demonstrate that. My weakest link in this triad right now is hope.

My favorite moment from this last week: That moment when I successfully convinced Scott that when the Milwaukee Bucks invited kids 16 years and younger to shoot a free-throw after the game, they wouldn't possibly turn him away. Convinced may be the wrong word choice here. It was more like, stubbornly stood in line until he joined me, murmuring until we got court-side. So then, maybe my real favorite moment was the smile he gave me after he shot the ball, and said to me, "You're right! I would have regretted not doing that."