26 June 2015

Paging Dr. Chandler to Graduation

He did it, folks! Four years and $230k in loans later (yep, really!), and we are now able to call him Dr. Chandler.

Scott graduated from Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific Northwest on June 5, 2015. As the graduate, he had to be at the event center in Lebanon by 7:30 Am. I, the "hooder", in other words, the one who put his fancy graduation cape on after he crossed the stage, had to be at the events center at 9:30 Am. The actually graduation ceremony started at 11:00 Am and was done around 1:15 Pm.

As I mentioned, one of the special things that Western University does during graduation is allows one or two family members to "hood" the graduate after the receive their diploma on stage. So during the ceremony I was escorted back stage with the other family members and was privileged to present Scott with his first official superhero cape. I thought for sure I would tear up during the hooding ceremony. I was crying just watching the graduates walk in to Pomp and Circumstance! But when they announced Dr. Scott Ernest Chandler and he shock the Dean's hand before walking across the stage to me, all I could do was smile from ear to ear.

I'm so proud of all that my man has accomplished, and all of the random but necessary medical facts he has stored in his brain. He will be a great doctor!

We were joined at graduation by Scott's parents, his older sister and brother, some of Scott's nephews and a niece, his grandparents, and my parents. (More family wanted to attend, but we were told we were limited to 10 guests.) It was quite the party!

Sterling, Scott's special buddy and nephew, was probably the most excited to see Scott graduate and the least happy about us moving to Wisconsin. Here's a little video of Sterling and Scott after the ceremony.

That evening with diploma in hand, Scott and his dad drove off into the sunset, hauling all of our material possessions to the great state of Wisconsin.