18 July 2014

Yr 3 Perspective of a Med School Wife: Jenny

I really appreciate that Jenny was willing to share some of her story. Even though Jenny and Terryol are no longer together, she is likely his best cheerleader.

Every time I see Jenny in town she exudes courage, patience, and kindness. I am so impressed with all that she's accomplished, and we are extremely lucky to include her in our medical school journey!

Q: What are your responsibilities this last year while your med student was on rotation?

A: I continue to live my dream job of being a homeschooling mom.

Q: How are you preparing for residencies?

A: I have been decluttering (inside and out), finishing projects/books or passing them along. That way I will not be as intimidated if we end up needing to move.

I have had more exercise opportunities this past year. I always bike but that was about all Lebanon had (for my interests) until the pool opened several classes and opportunities enabling kids to swim while moms workout. We even got coached in masters swimming sessions for about 6 months! Being healthy and happy is the only preparation I think we really have any significant control over.

I have been surprised how tentative 4th year really is and admire all those that have already moved knowing their original homes are the best base camp for them. We are exited graduation will be here momentarily - this whole process really does go by quickly. 

Q: Any advice SOs beginning third year?

A: Make sure you have some worthwhile hobbies/projects going on so that your oil lamp/joy stays full.