11 July 2014

Yr 3 Perspective of a Med School Wife: Maren

Thank you, Maren! I'm so glad you were convinced to write again this year. Maren is also one of my brave friends having posted from our 1st year and 2nd year.

Maren and her family had some unexpected changes this last year, but from what I've heard they found a great settling place.

Q: What are your responsibilities this last year while your med student was on rotation?

A: Almost everything having to do with our household, except for car maintenance and getting the trash to the curb and being an involved dad. It was only recently that I thought to ask Jared to pitch in more around the house, even though he's had more time for the last year.

Q: What did you do differently in year three to support your med student?

A: I have helped/(nagged?) him to set up rotations and offered him a quiet hour every night to study while I deal with the kids. He really hasn't needed much from me and has mostly tried to offer me more support this year since he has more time to do so.

Q: What surprised you about clinical rotations?

A: How much of a positive change there was in Jared's attitude once he was off campus and back in the real world working, and how much more time he had compared to 2nd year. Also, it was fun and surprising to see Jared's strengths discovered through his different experiences, and it surprised me how quickly he knew, when he started each rotation, whether he loved, hated, or felt indifferent about that area of medicine.

Q: How are you preparing for residencies?

A: We are mentally preparing to have a pretty horrible next few years. Jared is rotating with three different residency hospitals with the Air Force, because he's hoping to get an Air Force residency. We tried to choose the hospitals with the most likelihood of him getting the residency according to the number of new residents they accept each year. We don't really care where we go, although we'd prefer to be in the West, because we figure there will be pros and cons to each place. We just want Jared to get a residency that he will feel good about.

Q: Any advice SOs beginning third year?

A: Don't go too crazy with the extra time-- try to help your spouse continue to have a study schedule (albeit a lighter one) for step 2 boards. And stay organized with what needs to get done when, and how you need to prepare for 4th year/residency application. Also, relish the year! 4th year is not quite so fun with away audition rotations, and then comes the dreaded residency.