17 February 2014

Med School Update: Psych

On Scott's second day of his Psych rotation, he met me in the parking lot of my work for lunch.

Scott: I've decided. I don't want to go into Psych.
Me: Wow! Was it really that bad? *imagining psychotic seizures and twisted patient encounters*
Scott: No, but I can't wear my ties.

Apparently Scott's beloved tie collection is not wearable as an in-patient psych student. White coats are too presumptuous and ties pose a safety hazard.

Besides fashion problems, Scott enjoyed his psych rotation. When he came home, he would rationalize with me about how he was ADHD or not narcissistic. He also successfully used what he learned on his psych rotation to get through his feelings about the Broncos loosing to the Seahawks this last month.

He told me in the beginning that his goal was to come out of this rotation with more practice empathizing with patients. He did a great job practicing techniques on me, like asking me how my midterm grade made me feel. BTW, I apparently do a very good job expressing my emotions.

This practice, in addition to his study of articles and video lectures at night, helped Scott to impress his preceptors. He said they had asked him to participate in patient encounters that they hadn't asked of other students because of Scott's demonstrated knowledge in the area. Scott also likes to tell the story of how he was asked if he was a psych major as an undergrad. Good job, hubby!